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自我介绍的英语作文结尾怎么写?   自我介绍的英语作文结尾可以简洁明了,作总结性发言,这是几个常用的英语作文结…



  1)That’s a little about myself.
  2)Here are my own introduction,I hope i can get alone with everyone
  3)This is me,  a sunny boy.
  4)I will stick to be myself.
  5)That‘s something about  me ,that’s all.
  do you want to make friend with me?and,you can know more about me!myself.
  6)I hope you like it. Thank you very much!
  7)I hope you will remember me !Thanks for you listenning.
  8)After myself introduction,I would like to be your friend.
  9)Do you want to make friend with me?andyou can know more about me!myself.


  Today is Sunday. It is sunny. I don’t go to school. I want to go shopping. I get up at 6:30 in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg for breakfast. I go out at 8:00. The shop is nearly . I go there on foot. Many people are in the shop. I buy a pencil . At 12:00 I go home for lunch. I have some vegetable and meat for lunch. I read a book in the afternoon. I eat some noodles and fruit for supper. After supper, I do my homework. then I watch TV. Later, I play on the computer. I lie on my bed. I listen to the radio. I have a happy day.
  今天是星期天,阳光普照。我没有去上学,我想去购物。我早上6:30起床,我早餐喝了一碗粥和一个鸡蛋。我8:00步行出发 。商店就在附近。有许多人都在店内。我买了一支铅笔。 12:00我回家吃午饭。午餐我吃了一些蔬菜和肉类的。下午我读了一本书。我晚饭吃的是面条,附加一些水果。晚饭后,我做功课,然后去看电视。后来,我又上网一阵。上床后,我听着收音机,不知不觉就睡着了。好快乐的一天呀。




  Do you have any hobbies? 个人爱好
  In my spare time, I like reading books, collecting cards and coins, playing volleyball, communicating with friends, and so on.
  I also like English very much, I am fond of watching English films and listening to English songs, I passed College English Test Band six in September, 2003, I do believe there is still a long way for me to learn English well enough, however I will not shrink back, Because I realize that English is a bridge connected our country with the outside world. Learning English is the most direct and available method for intercourse among countries and also useful for us to get advanced knowledge and technology from other nations.
  如 What’s your hobby? 你爱好什么?
  What do you do in your spare time? 你业余时间都做什么?
  What are you interest in? 你对什么感兴趣?
  Are you a basketball fan? 你是一个篮球迷吗?
  What are your interests?你爱好什么?
  I favor black and gray.我喜欢黑色和灰色。
  Will you do me a favor and lent me two hundred yuan? 你能否帮个忙借我200元。
  May I ask you a favor.? 我可以请你帮个忙吗?
  Be keen on:
  I’m very keen on PC games.我很爱玩电脑游戏。
  I’m keen on chess.我喜欢下棋。
  Be crazy about:
  I’m crazy about Beckham.我特别喜欢贝克汉姆。
  I’m crazy about food.我特别喜欢美食。
  --What’s your hobby? 你有什么爱好?
  --My hobby is reading. How about you? 我的爱好是阅读,你呢?
  --I have a lot of hobbies, such as sports, traveling, singing and so on.我有很多嗜好,比如运动、旅行、唱歌等。
  --What do you do in your spare time? 你业余时间都做什么?
  --I often surf the net.我经常上网。
  --What are you interested in? 你对什么感兴趣?
  --I’m very interested in music.我对音乐很感兴趣。
  --Are you interested in classical music? 你喜欢古典音乐吗?
  --Are you a basketball fan? 你是篮球迷吗?
  --Yes, I’m a super fan of Yao Ming.是的,我是姚明的超级球迷。


  hello,everyone. (大家好)
  . very glad to be here.(非常高兴能来到这里给大家发言)
  my name is ###, and i am ** years old.(我的名字是###,今年××岁了)
  now i am a ___school student.(我现在是一名……学生)
  my favourite subject is English . and i like sports very much . (我最喜欢的科目是英语,而且我很喜欢运动)
  English brings lots of fun . and sports makse me happy .(英语带给我很多乐趣,而且运动使我快乐)
  i like this sentence:“ nothing is impossible。”(我最喜欢的一句话就是:一切皆有可能。)
  so i always try my best to do everything well,and never give up easily.(所以我每一次总是尽力做好每一件事情,从来都不轻易说放弃)
  so this is me ,i hope to make friends with you all.(这就是我,我希望和大家都能成为朋友。)
  thank you for listening!(谢谢大家的聆听!)


  Spring Festival ,known as the Chinese New Year, is the most important holiday in China.From late January to early February,Chinese people are busy preparing for the New Year.They clean their houses ,have their hair cut,and buy new clothes .Jiaozi or dumpling is most popular.To those who live far away from their home,this festival is also a framily reunion occasion.
  And they often go back home to celebrate the festival with their family.The first day of the new year is the time when people visit their friends adn wish each other good luck in the new year.
  Its Chinese name “Qing Ming” literally means “Clear Brightness,” hinting at its importance as a celebration of Spring. Similar to the spring festivals of other cultures, Tomb Sweeping Day celebrates the rebirth of nature, while marking the beginning of the planting season and other outdoor activities.


  I am a student. I like English very much. My favourite sport is basketball I want to be a teacher. I want to teach my students everything. I have many friends. I often help them.They also help me.
  Thank you


  1、Many people insist that…很多人(坚持)认为……
  2、With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that…随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为……
  3、A lot of people seem to think that…很多人似乎认为……
  1、People’s views on… vary from person to person. Some hold that… . However, others believe that….人们对……的观点因人而异。有些人认为…..然而其他人却认为……
  2、Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person. 人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异。
  3、People may have different opinions on…人们对……可能会有不同的见解。
  4、There are different opinions among people as to…关于……人们的观点大不相同。
  ”different”虽拉低了水准,但”as to”又拯救了回来。
  5、Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure).对(失败)人们的态度各不相同。
  1、Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that…把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论……
  很完全的答法,”take sth into consideration”短语的应用,加分。
  2、Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that…考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论……
  ”Take into account sth”短语似乎又比上句的”take sth into consideration”提升了一个层次。
  3、Hence/Therefore, we’d better come to the conclusion that…因此,自然我们得出以下结论。。。
  再特意提一句:”we’d better”在这里不是“不得不”或“最好”的意思,而是一种自然而然,水到渠成的得出结论。
  4、There is no doubt that (job-hopping) has its drawbacks as well as merits.毫无疑问,跳槽有优点也有缺点。
  短语”there is no doubt that”上线,同时运用我们的老朋友”as well as”增加看点。
  5、All in all, we cannot live without… But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.总之,我们没有……是无法生活的。但同时,我们必须寻求新的解决办法来对付可能出现的新问题。
  1、It is high time that we put an end to the (trend).该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了。
  ”It is high time” 打头,为该句增色。注:that 后跟虚拟语气,后跟动词的一般过去式,表示“是某人做。。。的时候了”或者“是某人不做。。。的时候了”
  2、It is time to take the advice of … and to put special emphasis on the improvement of …该是采纳……的建议,并对……的进展给予非常重视的时候了。
  去掉一个”high”,画风完全不一样,不用过去式,只需用”to do”来替代。
  3、There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of …毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够的重视。
  ”there is no doubt that”+被动还是蛮经典的组合。
  4、Obviously,…. If we want to do something… , it is essential that…显然,如果我们想做某事,我们需要……
  这句有些老生常谈,稍微不“常”的就是”essential” 替代了”important”。
  5、Only in this way can we… 只有这样,我们才能…
  6、It must be realized that… 我们必须意识到…
  把人人都会的”I realized”升格为被动语态,省略了主语,监考老师绝对会眼前一亮的!
  1、Obviously, if we don’t control the problem, the chances are that… will lead us in danger.很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险。
  ”the chances are that”替代了”may”,果然说话拐弯的生物不止是中国人。
  2、No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that…毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,否则很可能会……
  3、It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation.应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展。
  ”It is urgent that”+被动,效果不错滴。


  总结:1.Generally speaking…总体来说
  2.To tell you the truth…实话说
  3 Believe it or not… 信不信由你
  4. All in all…总之
  5 In a word..一句话
  .6. On the whole…整体说
  8. That is why…这就是。。。的原因
  9. As we all know…=As is known to us…
  转换话题:1.In my opinion…在我看来=as far as I’m concerned
  3. By the way…顺便说
  4.I am afraid…恐怕
  I will conclude by saying… 通过…我得出结论
  Therefore, we have the reason to believe that… 因此,我们有理由相信
  All things considered,总而言之
  It may be safely said that…
  Therefore, 因此, it’s more advisable…
  From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that…. =The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that…. =It can be concluded from the discussion that…从中我们可以得出这样的结论
  From my point of view, it would be better if…在我看来……也许更好
  1. In my opinion, … 2. Personally, I …个人而言 3. In short (= In brief), …总之 4. In conclusion, … 最后总之
  5.As far as I’m concerned, …
  6. To conclude, it seems clear that …


  I have a every happiness family ! I’m the princess(prince) in my home,all of my families are very kind . They are so crazy about me ,i love them and i hope they are happy too .I don’t want to bring problems to them ,they are always tired after working th whole day ! SO, i’ll study hard to thank them…..
  Just like a box , my room is small but warm.This is the relaxing place for me .I like my room ,there’s a special desk for me,and my desk is tidy and clean. I can look outside through my windows,people go and come !When i’m boring ,i like to look trees and flowers out of my windows ,it’s really a good way to search for fun .Do you think so ?
  I live on the 7th Floor in the Tower Building,in the southern suburb in Xi’an. My house has a good Sunlight as it faces south. There are several furnitures in my house, which has a dimension of 4.5X3.5X2.5 meters appromixately. The bed lies on the southeast corner,adjacent to the round table. What on the table are always in disorder,including several stationeries, a radio and something eatable. Computer is right next to the TV,which is opposite to the bed,next to the round table. The floor is halved by parts of carpet and naked cement ground.
  我住在7层的建筑,在南部塔在西安郊区。我的房子有一个好的阳光就朝南。有几种家具在我的房子里,它有一个维度的4.5X3.5X2.5 appromixately米。在床上躺在东南角,毗邻圆桌。桌子上有什么症状,包括总在几文具、收音机和一些吃。计算机旁边的电视,这是对立的床上,旁边的圆桌。地板是由地区减半地毯和裸体水泥地面。
  My room is not very big, but it is very comfortable. There is a picture on the wall. My computer is on the desk. There are lots of beautiful clothes in my wardrobe. On the left of my room, there is a piano and a guitar. The floor is brown. This is my room.
  不知道行不行 呵呵 不过我尽力了哦 不行的话可以删一点 自己再编一点哦 呵呵